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Jul 26

A much belated update

My dear friends and followers,

I have been inactive lately.
Actually “lately” is an understatement: For the past six months I have truly neglected my tumblrs.

However I have the very best of reasons: IRL Action.
I finally met Him.
Actually it happened last autumn, but it took a few meets and a getaway before we both realized it.

One spanking let to another and coming August 1st we are moving in together. 
Yup, we are doing the full monty: We bough a flat together and are merging our vanilla and our kinky worlds in what we have named a 24/7-light relationship.

"Light" because there are no cages, chains or branding irons around, just a clear definition of roles and responsibilities - and loads of D/s-BDSM sex :-)

I am happy!

I will be back here, full strength, eventually. Most likely during the darker winter months.
Until them I will be here on/off when you least expect it :-)


Such an appropriate post, as I just cut off all my fair hair a month ago and am now back as a short haired chick! 

Such an appropriate post, as I just cut off all my fair hair a month ago and am now back as a short haired chick! 

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“She was wedded to the sensuality of language, not the grammar that might kill or distill it. She loved words—she loved them the way she loved milk and fruit in the summer, dishes of blueberries with cream poured over them. Making devil’s food cake from a mix, or the sharp happy scent of fresh ground coffee. The pleasure of washing her hair with Halo shampoo, with its piney-clean winterberry heart. The soothing, synthetic scent of fresh magazines. Chunks of sunlight like fresh cold pieces of butter. Ginger ale was ‘tawny.’ A silky taupe sundress was ‘apple-scented.’ Her clean little bathroom smelled like warm skin, fluoride, and chromium. Her attachment to language was earthy, physical, and immediate. Pretty words you could eat.” — Elizabeth Winder, ”Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953 

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